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My First Tournament by Chris Snyder

I would like to share an incredible first kyokushin experiense from Chris Snyder, he wrote a column and posted a video. Congratulation... you have a Kyokushin heart.. OSU NO SEISHIN!!  
/Kristian GG
My first tournament by Chris Snyder
I got a bye in my first round, but in the second round, I was matched up against a black belt. As of the time of the tournament, I had only been practicing martial arts for eight months, so seeing that belt definitely put me on edge. Since this was my first round in a tournament in any martial art, I was a bit nervous, and my adrenaline definitely pushed me through this fight.

I couldn't have done any of this without the help of some great friends and teachers. Kristian, thanks for introducing me to Kyokushin...from the first day of sparring to the present, I've been addicted, and I have to thank you for that. David and Rhett, thank you so much for the support at the tournament. Hyun Mok, thanks for making sure this silly foreigner didn't do something stupid. Gyu Hwan, thanks for having faith in me and for all the sparring in the last week. Paul, you're a natural teacher, you're well on your way to becoming a black belt--thanks for the coaching, sparring, advice, and instruction.

And of course, the most significant thanks of all are due to Sabonim Hong Park and his excellent dojo in Seongnam, Korea...I couldn't possibly have fallen into a better place with such powerful, humble, and intelligent fighters.