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Entrega 3Dan / 3Dan delivery
Sigue en Español)
18th of April 2014

After 5 pass of training starting Friday 18th of April of 1,5 hour each, on Saturday 19th we started the examination at 20:00 and it ended close to 01:00. The exam ended with 33 fights 1min 30sec each of them. The day after, the last training of the camp at 10:00 ended at 11:30. This camp will rest for ever in my mind and I will remember it as the hardest exam ever and very demanding one. This clearly made one feel the real spirit of Kyokushin, the real Budo Karate!! During my Kyokushin life I had the opportunity to meet many people and practice with the best masters starting my Kyokushin career with Shihan Howard Collins that taught me the importance of the basics and hard training and to never give up. During all these years I have learned so much of the greatest. So I would like give a special thanks to all of them, without them I would never be where I am today within Kyokushin. Domo arrigato to: Shihan Ricardo Gomez Dojo Kyokukan) - with him I have graded mostly of the kyu's and 2nd Dan, Sensei Hong Park (very special thanks to him who, with Korean Branch Chief, make me to achieve 1st Dan and integrated me to his group as first foreign student), to Sensei  Gustavo Muñoz, to Shihan  Horacio Di Giulio, to Shihan Jesús Talán Shinkyokushin España, to Sensei Javier Rojas Cuadrado, to Sensei Nicolas Bergel, Sensei Alejandro Navarro, to Sensei Florent Bohler as my new friend and Master that gave me good advice in the last minutes (Examination assistance during the 3rd Dan test) and very special big hug and thanks to Shihan Brandon Denito that has encourage me to fight hard, to train like never during the last years, that has supported me in many ways to be able to practice and to travel to important events as Instructor Training in Honbu (Japan), that at the end did my examination for 3rd Dan. He pushed me and all the others to the extreme to make us proud that at the end we made it!! OSU Shihan!!

Also to mention very important Masters that I have meet in person and has taught me great things as Kancho Hatsuo Royama, Fuko Kancho Hiroshigue, Shihan Okazaki and my dear friend Sensei Takaaki Enami -san.

Thanks to all you for being part of my past and future. Also thanks to all the nice persons and other Masters that has passed through my life. 




22 April/Abril 2015 
3rd Dan reception / Entrega 3er Dan.
Dedicado a mi Suegro / Dedicated to my Father in Law

(Sigue en Español)

After long waiting I have finally received my 3rd Dan belt and certificate from Japan. Unfortunately there has been some undesired happenings, (beyond the organisation), delaying this. The most important is that I have it now and I am very happy!

Special thanks to Shihan Brandon Denito, to Shihan Ricardo, to Sensei Florent Bohler, to Kyokushinkan and all Karate friends that has passed besides me during all these years.

I dedicate this 3rd Dan to my father in law that past away beginning of November 2014. Your teachings and deep knowhow have helped me many times in my life. Thank you very much for having the opportunity to know you and spend time with you. You have been like a father for me. Rest in peace.

Después de una larga espera por fin he recibido mi cinturón y diploma de 3Dan de Japón. Por causas ajenas ha habido un retraso pero lo mas importante es que ahora ya lo he recibido. Hoy es un día muy especial para mi.

Un agradecimiento especial a Shihan Brandon Denito, a Shihan Ricardo, a Sensei Florent Bohler, a Kyokushinkan y a todos mis amigos karatekas que han pasado a mi lado durante todos estos años.

Dedico este 3 Dan a mi suegro que falleció a principios del noviembre pasado. Tus enseñanzas y sabiduría me han ayudado muchas veces. Muchas gracias por haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerte y el haber podido estar a tu lado. Has sido como un padre para mi. Querido, descansa!

Keep fighting!!! Gambatte Kudasai!!!


Con Eduardo, mi suegro,
practicando Taikiken en Argentina

With Eduardo, my father in law,
practicing Taikiken in Argentina

Seienchin no Kamae

With Shihan Ricardo at the day
when I received the belt and
certification from Japan.

Con Shihan Ricardo, el mismo
día que recibí mi cinturón y
diploma de Japón.


With Shihan Brandon Denito
and Sensei Florent Bohler
at my 3rd dan examination day
the 19th April 2014.

Con Shihan Brandon Denito
y Sensei Florent Bohler
en el día de mi graduación de 3Dan
el 19 de abril del 2014




Fotos Examinacion Seminario / Pictures Examination Seminar