DOJO KANKUKAN - KYOKUSHIN-KAN KARATE - ESPAÑOL, ENGLISH (some in Swedish and Korean, Hangul). Defensa Personal, Artes Marciales, Martial arts, self defense. Majadahonda, Madrid.


Kyokushin KATA

Mas Oyama said we should "think of karate as a language; the Kihon (basics) can be thought of as the letters of the alphabet, the Kata (forms) will be the equivalent of words and sentences, and the Kumite (fighting) will be analogous to conversations." Oyama believed that it was better to master just one Kata than to only half-learn many.

Mas Oyama also emphasized the three fundamental principles of Kata:- Waza no Kankyu: The Tempo (fast - slow) of the Techniques. The tempo of the Kata varies, some techniques are performed quickly, while others are done more slowly.- Chikara no Kyojaku: The Force (strong - weak) of the Power. The power of a technique derives from the proper balance between strength and relaxation.- Iki no Chosei: The Control (regulation) of Breathing

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