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A brief history of the origins of Karate



Karate is a martial art that uses hands (Kara) empty (Te) and feet. Karate is from Okinawa, an island in Japan which is further south and closer to China. During the Edo period (1603-1868) are still prohibited weapons on the island and this does lead citizens to learn to defend against pirates and samurai with “empty hands”. The Karate is not originally from Okinawa, there is a large cultural exchange between India and China that subsequently comes to Okinawa. The first martial arts started with the Indian monk Bodhidharma afterwards introduce Zen Buddhism in China. He introduces his martial art known as Shorinji Tempo later gives birth to Chinese Kung fu. In 1770 Sakukawa sets the martial art "to-te", The Chinese Hand, in Okinawa after his return from China where he had studied martial arts in this country.


In 1872 Okinawa became dependent on Japan and still prohibited the weapons to-te continues secretly to evolve. Around 1890 the Master Matsumura change the name to-te to Okinawa-te was introduced in schools in Okinawa as a method of physical education.
The martial arts Master Matsumura was divided into three main branches.
In May 1922 the Master Funakoshi, Master student of Matsumura did the first exhibition of Okinawa-te and at that point the name changes to Karate.
In 1936 Master Funakoshi Dojo opens with the first name Shoto-kan (house of Shoto).

Kyokushin Karate

Kyoku means "ultimate" or "absolute" and shin means "reality" or "truth". Kyokushin is the name given by Sosai Oyama Masutatsu to our style of Karate. The Kyokushin Karate descended from Japanese master Funakoshi and styles of Okinawa-te, Naha-te, Goju-ryu and Goju-kai. Oyama improved and refined the techniques and eradicated surface movements. It is more relaxed focused on full contact, on the mental and physical strength. Mas Oyama Karate creates a never seen karate, harder with the spirit of bushido which requires hardening the body and mind where Ichigeki (one stroke victory) is implemented. You can get to achieve explosive force by relaxing the body having in mind harmony between breathing and movement.


"Your destructive power doubles as you explode your power instantaneously from the relaxed body."
- Sosai Oyama Masutatsu -

A samurai must continually think what are the aspects in which is still far from perfection, and devote his life to perfect each time more, tirelessly looking for the "true path".

-Yosho Yamamoto (Hagakure)